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Multiomic analysis in fibroblasts of patients with inborn errors of cobalmin metabolism reveals concordance with clinical and metabolic variability.

Wiedemann A, Oussalah A, Guéant Rodriguez RM, Jeannesson E, Mertens M, Rotaru I, Alberto JM, Baspinar O, Rashka C, Hassan Z, Siblini Y, Matmat K, Jeandel M, Chery C, Robert A, Chevreux G, Lignières L, Camadro JM, Feillet F, Coelho D, Guéant JL

EBioMedicine. 2024 01 1;99:104911

Towards personalized genome-scale modeling of inborn errors of metabolism for systems medicine applications.

Heinken A, El Kouche S, Rodriguez-Guéant RM, Guéant JL

Metabolism. 2023 11 17;:155738

A transgenic mice model of retinopathy of cblG-type inherited disorder of one-carbon metabolism highlights epigenome-wide alterations related to cone photoreceptor cells development and retinal metabolism.

Matmat K, Conart JB, Graindorge PH, El Kouche S, Hassan Z, Siblini Y, Umoret R, Safar R, Baspinar O, Robert A, Alberto JM, Oussalah A, Coelho D, Guéant JL, Guéant-Rodriguez RM

Clin Epigenetics. 2023 10 5;15(1):158

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