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Pathologic and immunohistochemical prognostic markers in residual triple-negative breast cancer after neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Ilie SM, Briot N, Constatin G, Ilie A, Beltjens F, Ladoire S, Desmoulins I, Hennequin A, Bertaut A, Coutant C, Causeret S, Ghozali N, Coudert B, Arnould L

Front Oncol. 2024 01 10;13:1309890

A phase I study of the combination of atezolizumab, tiragolumab, and stereotactic body radiation therapy in patients with metastatic multiorgan cancer.

Roussot N, Fumet JD, Limagne E, Thibaudin M, Hervieu A, Hennequin A, Zanetta S, Dalens L, Fourrier T, Galland L, Jacob P, Bertaut A, Rederstorff E, Chevalier C, Ghirardi S, Gilbert E, Khoukaz A, Martin E, Nicolet C, Quivrin M, Thibouw D, Vulquin N, Truc G, Rouffiac M, Ghiringhelli F, Mirjolet C

BMC Cancer. 2023 11 9;23(1):1080

Pathologic complete response and survival in HER2-low and HER2-zero early breast cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Ilie SM, Briot N, Constantin G, Roussot N, Ilie A, Bergeron A, Arnould L, Beltjens F, Desmoulin I, Mayeur D, Kaderbhai C, Hennequin A, Jankowski C, Padeano MM, Costaz H, Amet A, Coutant C, Coudert B, Bertaut A, Ladoire S

Breast Cancer. 2023 08 10;:

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