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Département de Radiologie Diagnostique et Thérapeutique
Hôpital François Mitterrand
14 rue Paul Gaffarel
BP 77908
21079 DIJON Cedex

03 80 29 33 58






Expertises :
- Clinique:Radiologie


Stratification of sigmoid volvulus early recurrence risk using a combination of CT features.

Humbert C, Grillet F, Malakhia A, Meuriot F, Lakkis Z, Piton G, Vuitton L, Loffroy R, Calame P, Delabrousse E

Diagn Interv Imaging. 2022 Jan 24;:

Short- and Mid-Term Outcomes of Endovascular Stenting for the Treatment of Post-Thrombotic Syndrome due to Iliofemoral and Caval Occlusive Disease: A Multi-Centric Study from the French Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiovascular Imaging (SFIC

David A, Thony F, Del Giudice C, Goyault G, Loffroy R, Guillen K, Le Bras Y, Marcelin C, Monnin-Bares V, Heautot JF, Lablee A, Marek P, Rousseau H, Martinelli T, Thouveny F, Barral PA, Le Pennec V, Chabrot P, Rogopoulos A, Guillien A, Sapoval M, Rodière M, Espitia O, Douane F,

Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2022 Jan 4;:

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