UMR 1109 - Equipe "MN3T - Microenvironmental Niche in Tumorigenesis and Targeted Therapy"

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Le rôle du microenvironnement est essentiel dans la progression tumorale mais sa complexité rend son étude délicate. Dans cetteéquipe, de multiples approches (imagerie, modèles animaux) sont utilisées pour identifier les facteurs (forces, interactions moléculaires) du contexte cancéreux qui régissent les interactions entre la tumeur et son hôte. L'objectif est d’utiliser ces connaissances pour élaborer des nouvelles stratégies anti-tumorales. Tumor metastasis is still an unresolved issue. There is a good correlation between tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. Tumor cells predominantly disseminate and metastasize through hematogenic and lymphogenic routes but extracellular matrix also contributes to tumor cell mobilization. Tumors represent complex tissues which are characterized by an intricate communication between cells, soluble factors and their particular surrounding extracellular matrix that impacts on cell plasticity regulating cell survival, proliferation, migration, invasion and transdifferentiation, altogether promoting tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. Despite the enormous insight into cancer inducing mechanisms anti-cancer adjuvant therapies are still insufficient due to the selection of highly plastic resistant cells. Here the tumor bed and in particular the extracellular matrix might play an important role, since it is not normalized by the anti-cancer treatment and may create a microenvironment that promotes cellular plasticity and thus drug resistance and tumor relapse. With its peculiar high expression in malignant tumor tissue tenascin-C is a prime candidate in this scenario. We focus on a combined targeting of the tumor specific extracellular matrix together with key receptors on the cell surface of tumor cells and tumor associated cells, sensing soluble, insoluble and biomechanical signals from the microenvironment, for an improved and tailored anti-cancer therapy.

Mots clés : Matrice extracellulaire, laminines, cancers coliques, angiogenèse, métastases, tenascin

tumor microenvironment, angiogenesis, metastasis, extracellular matrix, carcinoma associated fibroblasts, biomechanics, signaling, membrane targeting peptides


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- Axe B "Innovation en recherche translationnelle - Biomarqueurs, imagerie et essais cliniques précoces"


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