The Cancéropôle Est supports scientific animation by organising or co-organising conferences, meetings and workshops. These events are important for structuration and/or development of emerging research axis within the Cancéropôle.


Le Forum

This is the main scientific event from the Cancéropôle research priority axes. This yearly event brings together the Cancéropôle scientific community. More



This symposium is centered on translational cancer research. It is organised every other year in a different city within the Cancéropôle territory. This organisational scheme allows promoting the research specificity of the host. This symposium had already 5 editions: Nancy (2009 and 2011), Reims (2013), Dijon (2015) and Besançon (2017).


Symposium in Humanities and Social Sciences

This symposium is organised in Besançon and takes place every other year. Its objective is to promote research in Social Sciences in Oncology by encouraging a multidisciplinary approach. Three editions have been held 2008, 2010 and 2012.


General Public Conferences

Organised in each territories of the Cancéropôle, these conferences have for objectives to explain to the general public new and innovative concept in oncology and to allow the healthcare professionals to explain specific expertise develop on site or in one of the research network of the Cancéropôle.



The Cancéropôle organised also workshops and monothematic meetings. This is done often in partnership with industrials.


The Cancéropôle website is also a channel to advertise meetings, workshops that are taking place on its territory. In addition, to support the venue of conferences and meetings on its territory, the Cancéropôle offered financial support to the organizer, via a call for proposal.



The newsletter keeps you informed about the Cancéropôle's news and its upcoming events.

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