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The Cancéropôle Est is one of the 7 Cancéropôles created by the first national cancer action in 2003. Renewed within the frame of the 2nd and 3rd “Plan Cancer” (2014-2019), the Cancéropôle Est overlooks a large geographical area covering 5 territories: Alsace, Bourgogne, Champagne-Ardenne, Franche-Comté and Lorraine.

Over 200 teams are mobilized towards one goal: to develop innovative and competitive research against cancer. A total of 1000 scientists and clinicians joined efforts to bring the latest innovations, in term of prevention, screening, diagnostic, and therapeutic options to the 8,4 million inhabitants of the Cancéropôle’s territory.

Major Goals of the Cancéropôle:

  • Structure cancer research at the local level : contribute to develop, share and strengthen human and technological resources. Emphasize innovation and training. Encourage public/private partnerships to increase the Eastern region attractivity
  • Facilitate the development of innovative, collaborative and competitive research: identify and promote the management of interdisciplinary research project.
  • Manage and facilitate oncological network: stimulate exchanges and mobilized teams in different geographical and scientific expertise to reinforce the continuum from bench to bed.

Organize, coordinate, and strengthen research against cancer in partnership with academic and clinical institutions by associating researchers (epidemiologists, biologists, physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians, robotic engineering…), healthcare professionals, industrials and patients is a priority for the Cancéropôle.

The Cancéropôle Est includes:

The geographical proximity of the Eastern area with the European neighbors (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland) encourages cross-border dynamics on specific projects.

    Leadership Bodies

    The president

    Mr Franck LEROY, President of the Grand Est region, was elected president of the Cancéropôle Est in 2023. He succeed President Jean ROTTNER, President Marie-Guite DUFAY (2016-2022), President François PATRIAT (2009-2015) and President Adrien ZELLER (1st president of the Cancéropôle).

    The Board

    The board is composed of the President or his/her representative, the scientific and administrative directors, the head of the scientific and clinical council and his/her assistant. Its role is to monitor the implementation of the scientific orientations of cancer research in the Eastern region, animation and coordination activities, as well as measures to promote the emergence.

    The scientific and clinical council

    Following the committee of clinicians set up in 2006 by Professor Pierre FUMOLEAU and then led by Professor Elisabeth QUOIX (2012-2019), the scientific and clinical council's mission is to propose to the Board guidelines for the development of research in the field of cancer in the Eastern region and in particular to define the axes of research and their evolution. It participates in the evaluation and monitoring of structuring and emerging projects submitted to Cancéropôle Est.

    The scientific and clinical council is composed of representatives from each of the Cancéropôle Est's research axes and networks, representatives of the hospital, university and cancer research communities in each of the two regions, and the directors of the cancer centers in the territories of Cancéropôle Est. It is currently led by Professor François GHIRINGHELLI (Dijon) and Professor Gabriel MALOUF (Strasbourg).

    Coordination Team

    Pierre FUMOLEAU Scientific director pierre.fumoleau@canceropole-est.org
    Florence SCHAFFNER Assistant scientific director +33 3 88 25 87 11 florence.schaffner@canceropole-est.org
    Emmanuelle FAIVRE Project manager +33 3 88 25 87 13 emmanuelle.faivre@canceropole-est.org
    Marie-Julie TILLY Project manager +33 3 88 25 87 12 marie-julie.tilly@canceropole-est.org
    Sarah HUSTACHE Administrative director sarah.hustache@chru-strasbourg.fr
    Stéphanie DUMONT Assistant administrative director s.dumont@icans.eu
    Frédérique KASRI Administrative assistant +33 3 88 25 87 14 frederique.kasri@canceropole-est.org

    The Cancéropôle’s coordination team is available to answer your questions, as well as to discuss and evaluate beneficial opportunities for your projects.

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    Thanks to the common interest between the Caisses d’Epargne (Alsace and Lorraine/Champagne-Ardenne) and the Cancéropôle, a partnership was established in 2006. This partnership aims to inform researchers, healthcare professionals, industrials, charities, patients, and general public about the “Plan Cancer”; and improve the social relationships linked to the disease. This partnership was renewed with a 3-year 2015-2017 convention between Fondation Solidarité Rhénane and the Cancéropôle.


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