Crossborder projects

The Cancéropôle benefits from its border with 4 countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland. It was, therefore, natural to focus on crossborder opportunities.

Cancéropôle is undertaking several actions to promote collaborations with its neighboring countries:

  • Awareness improvement of the expertise and technological platforms available on crossborder territories
  • Organization of symposium, workshop, networking events
  • Support of crossborder mobility for young fellows (clinicians, postdoctoral or PhD student)
  • Collaboration and promotion of European network

The identification and the development of innovating research subjects, where crossborder expertise can be strongly beneficial, are discussed with the stakeholders. Among other examples, this approach resulted in the organization of a first symposium on biopsy liquid in cancer with our partners of the Comprehensive cancer center in Freiburg (1st Tumor Liquid Biopsy Symposium). This symposium was a tremendous success and is the starting point of new collaborations and exchange of good practice between French/German and Luxembourg teams.

The Cancéropôle’s research priorities, such as viral therapy in cancer, involved crossborder dynamic and collaborations.

The theme of crossborder projects is especially supported by our financial partners.

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