A comparative methylome analysis reveals conservation and divergence of DNA methylation patterns and functions in vertebrates.

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mars 2022


BMC biology


Membres identifiés du Cancéropôle Est :
Dr BARDET Anaïs, Dr WEBER Mickaël, Pr FAUQUE Patricia

Tous les auteurs :
Al Adhami H, Bardet AF, Dumas M, Cleroux E, Guibert S, Fauque P, Acloque H, Weber M


Cytosine DNA methylation is a heritable epigenetic mark present in most eukaryotic groups. While the patterns and functions of DNA methylation have been extensively studied in mouse and human, their conservation in other vertebrates remains poorly explored. In this study, we interrogated the distribution and function of DNA methylation in primary fibroblasts of seven vertebrate species including bio-medical models and livestock species (human, mouse, rabbit, dog, cow, pig, and chicken).

Mots clés

5mC, CpG island, DNA methylation, Genomic imprinting, Germline genes, Vertebrates


BMC Biol. 2022 Mar 23;20(1):70