Recurrent non-rheumatic streptococcal myocarditis: 18F-FDG PET/CMR findings.

Baltzinger P, El Ghannudi S, Germaini M, Von Hunolstein JJ, Zeyons F, Imperiale A

QJM. 2024 01 25;:

SMARCB1 regulates a TFCP2L1-MYC transcriptional switch promoting renal medullary carcinoma transformation and ferroptosis resistance.

Vokshi BH, Davidson G, Tawanaie Pour Sedehi N, Helleux A, Rippinger M, Haller AR, Gantzer J, Thouvenin J, Baltzinger P, Bouarich R, Manriquez V, Zaidi S, Rao P, Msaouel P, Su X, Lang H, Tricard T, Lindner V, Surdez D, Kurtz JE, Bourdeaut F, Tannir NM, Davidson I, Malouf GG

Nat Commun. 2023 05 26;14(1):3034

Should pituitary carcinoma be treated using a NET-like approach? A case of complete remission of a metastatic malignant prolactinoma with multimodal therapy including immunotherapy.

Goichot B, Taquet MC, Baltzinger P, Baloglu S, Gravaud M, Malouf GG, Noël G, Imperiale A

Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 2021 Nov 29;:

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