Health behavior change models.

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juin 2012


Membres identifiés du Cancéropôle Est :
Pr SPITZ Elisabeth, Dr MULLER Laurent

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Muller L, Spitz E


Chronic diseases require both a medical treatment that a patient adherence to health recommendations. These include changes in lifestyle to adopt healthy behaviors. However, these changes are hardly adopted by patients. This article provides a review of theoretical models to explain resistance to change or factors motivating new behaviors. After presenting the steps by which a person gets through when changing an aspect of her lifestyle, we will discuss the factors involved in motivational and volitional phases of change. Thus, in the motivational phase, we will refer to classic sociocognitive models, illness representations model and the self-determination model. In the volitional phase, we discuss concepts related to action monitoring and action planning, self-control, and the anticipation of barriers to help maintain the action in time. (C) 2012 Societe francaise de psychologie. Published by Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.


. 2012 Jun;57(2):83-96.