[Type 2 diabetes in the elderly, which specific features?].

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octobre 2012


Membres identifiés du Cancéropôle Est :
Pr PETIT Jean-Michel, Dr QUIPOURT Valérie

Tous les auteurs :
Graillot D, Quipourt V, Bouillet B, Petit JM, Manckoundia P


Type 2 diabetes, whose prevalence has increased among elderly aged over 75 years, has a number of specific features which differ from that in young people: heterogeneous population, association with other cardiovascular risk factors and several comorbidities, different therapeutic constraints and risks, and lower life expectancy. By using a standardized geriatric assessment it is possible to determine therapeutic and glycemic goals for each patient. In the elderly, main complications of diabetes are hypoglycemia and foot lesions. In order to avoid malnutrition, lifestyle and dietary rules should not be too strict. Recommendations for the prescription of oral antidiabetic agents are the same for both elderly and young subjects, but with increased monitoring in the elderly because of the high risk of complications including iatrogenic hypoglycemia. Insulin therapy should be preferred.


Rev Med Interne. 2012 Oct;33(10):575-9