[Inappropriate admissions of Ehpad residents to emergency departments].

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Date publication

décembre 2022


Soins. Gerontologie


Membres identifiés du Cancéropôle Est :
Dr LAROSA Fabrice, Dr QUIPOURT Valérie

Tous les auteurs :
Manckoundia P, Ray P, Quipourt V, Vaillard L, Dipanda M, Larosa F, Menu D, Guepet HS, Putot A, Barben J


After a review of inappropriate admissions of residents of residential care facilities for the dependent elderly (Ehpad) to the emergency room, we propose ways to reduce them. They include giving the coordinating physician a clinical role, organizing continuity and permanence of care in all Ehpad, signing agreements between Ehpad and hospital for direct hospitalization and collaboration with mobile teams and geriatric hotlines, generalizing the level of medical intervention in Ehpad, and deepening the training of Ehpad caregivers in geriatrics.

Mots clés

Ehpad, admission inappropriée, elderly person, emergency department, inappropriate admission, personne âgée, resident, résident, service d’accueil des urgences


Soins Gerontol. 2022 12 16;28(159):42-45