High-risk stage IIB Hodgkin lymphoma treated in the H10 and AHL2011 trials: TMTV is a useful risk factor to stratify patients at baseline.

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mai 2022




Membres identifiés du Cancéropôle Est :
Dr CASASNOVAS Olivier, Pr FEUGIER Pierre, Pr FORNECKER Luc-Matthieu, Dr ROSSI Cédric

Tous les auteurs :
Rossi C, André M, Dupuis J, Morschhauser F, Joly B, Lazarovici J, Ghesquières H, Stamatoullas A, Nicolas-Virelizier E, Feugier P, Gac AC, Moatti H, Fornecker LM, Deau B, Joubert C, Fortpied C, Raemaekers J, Federico M, Kanoun S, Meignan M, Traverse-Glehen A, Cottereau AS, Casasnovas RO


Stage IIB Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) patients, with a mediastinum-to-thorax (M/T) ratio of ≥0.33 or extranodal localization have a poor prognosis and are treated either as limited or advanced stage. We compared these two approaches in patients included in two randomized phase III trials enrolling previously untreated early (H10) or advanced stage HL (AHL2011). We included HL patients with Ann-Arbor stage IIB with M/T ≥0.33 or extranodal involvement enrolled in the H10 or AHL2011 trials with available PET at baseline and after two cycles of chemotherapy (PET2). Baseline total metabolic tumor volume (TMTV) was calculated using the 41% SUVmax method. PET2 response assessment used the Deauville score. 148 patients were eligible, including 83 enrolled in the AHL2011 trial and 65 in the H10 trial. The median TMTV value was 155.5 mL (8.3-782.9), 165.6 mL in AHL2011 and 147 mL in H10. PET2 positivity rates were 16.9% (n=14) and 9.2% (n=6) in AHL2011 and H10 patients, respectively. With a median follow-up of 4.1 years (95%CI 3.9-4.4), overall 4-year PFS was 88.0%, 87.0% in AHL2011 and 89.2% in H10. In univariate and mutivariate analyses, baseline TMTV and PET2 response influenced significantly PFS (HR=4.94, HR=3.49 respectively). Notably, among the 16 patients who relapsed, 13 (81%) had a baseline TMTV baseline ≥ 155 mL. Upfront ABVD plus radiation therapy or upfront escBEACOPP without radiotherapy provide similar patient's outcome in high-risk stage IIB HL. TMTV is useful to stratify these patients at baseline.


Haematologica. 2022 05 31;: