Oral therapy adherence and satisfaction in patients with multiple myeloma.

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mai 2021


Annals of hematology


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Solano M, Daguindau E, Faure C, Loriod P, Pain C, Maes AC, Marguet P, Kroemer M, Rumpler A, Fontan J, Deconinck E, Limat S, Clairet AL


The transition to oral therapies in patients with multiple myeloma (MM) offers potential benefits to patients; however, they must self-manage their medication and adherence plays an important role in patient care. It has been shown that patient satisfaction with their medication has a strong positive correlation with adherence in chronic diseases. The aim of this study was to estimate adherence rate of oral antimyeloma therapies and to identify risk factors for medication non-adherence. This observational, prospective, and multicentre survey based on a self-report questionnaire enrolled MM patients with at least 3 months of oral therapy. The 6-item Girerd scale and the medication possession ratio (MPR) were used for measuring medication adherence and the SATMED-Q® questionnaire was used for measuring satisfaction. An analysis of risk factors for non-adherence to oral therapy was performed using univariate analysis. A total of 101 patients participated in the survey, yielding a response rate of 87%. The prevalence of adherence to oral antimyeloma therapy was estimated at 51.5% using the Girerd questionnaire. According to the MPR, adherence was evaluated at 96% (i.e. MPR ≥ 0.80). Both methods combined, adherence was estimated at 50.5%. One risk factor for medication non-adherence was identified: Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Performance Status > 2 (p = 0.007). One predictive factor for high medication adherence was identified: high satisfaction with treatment (p = 0.01). Identifying patients at higher risk for non-adherence allows clinical pharmacists to personalise therapeutic information and education and to improve the quality of healthcare overall.

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Adherence, Carer, Immunomodulatory drug, Multiple myeloma, Pharmacist, Satisfaction


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