URGENT Post-Doctoral Fellow/Research Engineer, Strasbourg

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01 février 2023

The Tumor Biomechanics Lab at INSERM U1109 (CRBS, Strasbourg) is seeking a talented postdoctoral fellow or research engineer with experience in mice experimentation and a background in cancer biology. The candidate will lead a collaborative project aiming at dissecting the impact of several brush-arm drug conjugates on breast cancer progression and therapy.

Breast cancer is known to display resistance to current clinical therapies. Synergistic delivery of 3+ drugs combination remains an emerging challenge in cancer drug delivery due to the unique biodistribution and pharmacokinetics profile of each drug. This project aims to validate in vivo a subset of in-house produced and available bottlebrush drug delivery platform, in mice model.

The candidate will develop his project independently, under the close supervision of Olivier LEFEBVRE (mouse models and drugs) and Jacky GOETZ.

About the candidate:

  • Mouse (handling and classical procedures) and experimental metastasis models
  • Whole-animal longitudinal imaging in mice
  • Experience with photonic microscopy
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with biologists and physicists in the team
  • Experience in image analysis software
  • ...

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All applications must be sent to: Jacky G. Goetz & Olivier Lefebvre (jacky.goetz@inserm.fr ; lefebvre@unistra.fr)

For more information on the group’s research, see www.goetzlab.fr


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