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28 février 2024

The Institute of Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC) ( is opening two group leader positions in 2024.

  • Group Leader in Gene Expression & Cancer Research

The IGBMC is recruiting a team leader to establish a group broadly focusing on gene expression and cancer research.

We are particularly interested in the application of spatial-omics to current questions in cancer biology (e.g. tumor microenvironment, cell-fate & plasticity, senescence/aging, therapy response), using animal or patient-derived material. However, applications from outstanding candidates outside these domains, but with projects related to gene expression & disease will be considered.

  • Group Leader in Neurological genetic diseases - mechanisms, models & therapies

The IGBMC is recruiting a group leader to establish his/her own independent team in the area of neurological genetic diseases.

We are seeking a PI with broad interest in identifying the genetic causes and/ or deciphering the molecular & cellular mechanisms and/or developing innovative therapeutic strategies of human neurodevelopment, neuromuscular and/or neurodegenerative pathologies. Special attention will be given to candidates with solid expertise in exploiting large Omics data and/or manipulation of state-of-the-art cellular (iPS, assembloid and/or organoid, etc.) and /or animal (mouse, zebrafish, etc.) models. Applications from outstanding candidates outside these domains, but with projects related to neurological diseases will also be considered.

Application should be sent to Pr Frédéric Dardel, Director of IGBMC (

Deadline for sending your application: April 29th 2024

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