Segmental and nonsegmental childhood vitiligo has distinct clinical characteristics: a prospective observational study.

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juin 2010


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Pr VABRES Pierre

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Mazereeuw-Hautier J, Bezio S, Mahe E, Bodemer C, Eschard C, Viseux V, Labreze C, Plantin P, Barbarot S, Vabres P, Martin L, Paul C, Lacour JP


BACKGROUND: Vitiligo often starts in childhood. It is traditionally divided into segmental vitiligo and nonsegmental vitiligo. There are limited data regarding the clinical characteristics of both forms and no comparative study has been performed. OBJECTIVE: To compare the clinical features of nonsegmental and segmental vitiligo in children. PATIENTS AND METHODS: We performed a prospective observational study. Consecutive children with vitiligo seen between October 2005 and December 2007 in the 11 French Departments of Pediatric Dermatology were included. A standardized evaluation was completed after total body clinical examination. A second examination was performed 1 year after inclusion. The clinical characteristics of segmental vitiligo and nonsegmental vitiligo were compared. RESULTS: A total of 114 children with vitiligo were included. Compared with segmental vitiligo, nonsegmental vitiligo was associated with a higher number of lesions (more than 5 patches in 65.17% vs 20% of patients, P < .0001) and a larger body surface area of involvement (9.8% +/- 2.51% vs 3.48% +/- 1.6%, P +/- .01). A higher incidence of the Koebner phenomenon (47.19% vs 24%, P = .03), and more frequent progression of the disease (23.29% vs 5.56%, P = .043) were found in nonsegmental vitiligo. Hyperpigmented rims surrounding patches of vitiligo were only seen in nonsegmental vitiligo (8.99% vs 0% (P = .007). Sixty-four children (56%) had laboratory investigations performed; thyroid abnormalities were found only in nonsegmental vitiligo (11.23% vs 0%, P = .0001). LIMITATIONS: Not all patients underwent laboratory investigations. CONCLUSIONS: Segmental and nonsegmental types of vitiligo have distinguishing clinical characteristics.


J Am Acad Dermatol. 2010 Jun;62(6):945-9