Good clinical practice recommendations for the use of PET/CT in oncology.

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octobre 2019


European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging


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Salaün PY, Abgral R, Malard O, Querellou-Lefranc S, Quere G, Wartski M, Coriat R, Hindie E, Taieb D, Tabarin A, Girard A, Grellier JF, Brenot-Rossi I, Groheux D, Rousseau C, Deandreis D, Alberini JL, Bodet-Milin C, Itti E, Casasnovas O, Kraeber-Bodere F, Moreau P, Philip A, Balleyguier C, Luciani A, Cachin F


Positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) is a nuclear medicine functional imaging technique with proven clinical value in oncology. PET/CT indications are continually evolving with fresh advances made through research. French practice on the use of PET in oncology was framed in recommendations based on Standards-Options-Recommendations methodology and coordinated by the French federation of Comprehensive Cancer Centres (FNLCC). The recommendations were originally issued in 2002 followed by an update in 2003, but since then, a huge number of scientific papers have been published and new tracers have been licenced for market release. The aim of this work is to bring the 2003 version recommendations up to date. For this purpose, a focus group was set up in collaboration with the French Society for Nuclear Medicine (SFMN) to work on developing good clinical practice recommendations. These good clinical practice recommendations have been awarded joint French National Heath Authority (HAS) and French Cancer Institute (INCa) label status-the stamp of methodological approval. The present document is the outcome of comprehensive literature review and rigorous appraisal by a panel of experts, organ specialists, clinical oncologists, surgeons and imaging specialists. These data were also used for the EANM referral guidelines.

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Computed tomography, Methodological approval, Positron emission tomography


Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging. 2019 Oct 21;: