Clinical and hemodynamic risk factors associated with discrepancies in lower limb length with capillary malformations - data from the national paediatric French cohort CONAPE.

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septembre 2017


The British journal of dermatology


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Pr VABRES Pierre

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Samimi M, Durieux-Verde M, Caille A, Mazereeuw-Hautier J, Boccara O, Martin L, Chiaverini C, Eschard C, Beneton N, Vabres P, Balguerie X, Plantin P, Bessis D, Barbarot S, Dadban A, Droitcourt C, Leducq S, Lorette G, Morel B, Maruani A,


Genetics discoveries have allowed for better understanding capillary malformations (CMs) with overgrowth syndrome. However, molecular analyses are still not easy to perform or interpret. Other analytical methods are needed.


Br. J. Dermatol.. 2017 Sep;: