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13 octobre 2022

Radiobiology Researcher Position (24 months): Assessment of radio-induced immune response to optimize Radiotherapy / Nanoparticles / Immunotherapy combination

The Preclinical Radiotherapy and Radiobiology Research Team of the CGFL develops research projects about radio-induced immune response, RT / Immunotherapy combinations and RT / radiosensitizing Nanoparticles combinations. Our research projects aim to generate solid proof of concepts necessary for the development of innovative clinical trials. This team is integrated into the INSERM 1231 laboratory. The research themes are coordinated with those of the medical physics and clinical radiotherapy departments.

In this present project, the candidate will comprehensively study the effect of ionizing radiation on the tumor microenvironment in vivo via transplants on immunocompetent mice, using flow cytometry techniques, IHC, transcriptomic analysis. In parallel, the development of blood biomarkers in preclinical and clinical settings will be carried out.

We are looking for: a candidate with a PhD, highly motivated with an interest in radiobiology and immunology. In the framework of this project the candidate will investigate irradiated mice tumor-grafted and tumor cells in a comprehensive manner by using flow cytometry, tissue staining, transcriptomic analysis and blood biomarkers development.

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Contact: Céline MIRJOLET (

Interested candidates are invited to send their CV together with a covering letter and the names of 1-2 reference(s) to

Application deadline: 30th November 2022


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