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26 novembre 2021

Poste de post-doc disponible au Laboratoire d'immunologie et immunothérapie des cancers / Université de Bourgogne / Inserm UMR 1231, Dijon.


The position is open for 1-year and supported by the “Conseil Régional de Bourgogne Franche- Comté”. During the year, the candidate will be asked to apply for postdoctoral fellowships to obtain additional funding.

Candidates profile:

Applicants should be highly motivated with experience in cellular and molecular biology techniques and animal experimentation.
He/She will be in charge of the project described below:

Although promising, immunotherapy using monoclonal antibodies against immune checkpoint does not make it possible to treat efficiently all patients. Therefore, for many cancers, chemotherapy remains the first-line treatment and we participated in the demonstration that immune cells are involved in the anti-tumor effect of chemotherapies through immune cell death. Several of our studies have also shown that other treatments will target immunosuppressive cells. Cisplatin targets Tregs, and 5FU and Gemcitabine kills MDSC. Nowadays, the identification of new therapeutic combinations making it possible to improve the efficacy of existing treatments, in particular by boosting antitumor immunity, is a research avenue for the management of patients.

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