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04 décembre 2019

Societal challenges
Epidemiological research at DKFZ
International PhD Program

At the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany’s largest biomedical research institute, the research program “Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention” is dedicated to epidemiological and biostatistical research.

Research activities are focused on:

  • Large-scale epidemiologic studies and clinical trials on more effective cancer prevention and early detection, better prognosis and quality of life of cancer patients, and on quality of medical care
  • Large-scale epidemiologic studies on detection of risk factors, risk markers and prognostic factors of cancer and chronic diseases
  • Integration of genome, proteome and biomarker research into epidemiological studies on the causes and prevention of cancer, and on prognosis and treatment success after a cancer diagnosis
  • Biostatistical methods in cancer research, e.g. analysis of high dimensional data and design of clinical trials in personalized oncology

For more information about the groups and their research, have a look here.


To apply online to the International PhD Program visit

Full funding is provided for the duration of the PhD.

Application deadline 5th January 2020


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