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27 novembre 2019

Entitled “Towards a subcellular map of the tumour cell-NanoTumor”, this 1st edition of the Aviesan Federating Program (PFA) program was organised by the Multi-Organisation thematic Institutes (ITMO) Cancer and Molecular and Structural Bases of Life (BMSV) of Aviesan, funded by the 3rd Cancer Plan (2014-2019) and operated by Inserm. 

NanoTumor is the first program of its kind at the interface of cancerology and structural biology.

Its objectives are:

  • to draw a structural and functional mapping of the cancer cell;
  • to perform the analysis of cancer cell plasticity, both at the dynamic and functional level;
  • to establish a morphological atlas of the cancer cell, and to characterise the multiprotein complexes present within;
  • to study the dynamics of cancer-driven cell transformation and how the cells adapt to it;
  • to cross-compare normal and cancer cells;
  • to model interaction networks which are perturbed in cancer;
  • to identify innovative anti-cancer targets, together with novel pharmacological compounds

The NanoTumor project, composed of 13 teams spread over on Strasbourg (5), Paris (2), Marseille (2), Lille (1), Lyon (1), Montpellier (1) and Rennes (1) sites, was selected by the PFA Evaluation Committee.


In the framework of this consortium, they are recruiting a scientific and administrative Project Manager for the PFA Nanotumor project for three years, and a staff scientist dedicated to the Work Package 2 of the NANOTUMOR Program.

The Project Manager will be mainly located in Strasbourg, in close proximity with the coordinators of the consortium (Jacky Goetz and Patrick Schultz). As the participants to the consortium are located on several sites, a significant traveling activity is also envisaged. More informations

The fellow will be mainly located in Paris but, as the participants to the consortium are located on several sites, a significant traveling activity is also envisaged and several stays in designated partner’s lab is expected, particularly in Strasbourg. More informations


Jacky GOETZ,


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